UFC 2017!

20th May 2017

Ultimate Frisbee Challenge 2017 organised by UiTM Seremban 3 students

This is my third frisbee tournament

With different team

Weeks after our friendly match with Pirates

Someone from Pirates (UiTM Shah Alam) sent a direct message to me on Instagram

Inviting me and Fandi (Intec students) to join em

I feel so honoured to play with em

I almost couldn’t play because IPT Squash Team event should be held on the same date

Luckily the squash tournament was postponed huhu

And the tournament fee was quite cheap

Thus I agreed

And a week after that

Hanif messaged me

Asking if I want to play with Killabee


Why so lateeee hahaha

I stayed at my uncle house

And asked him to send and fetch me from the venue

Thank you Pakteh and Aunty Shira! :*

I was extremely exhausted that day

The weather was so hot

That I had to pour cold water on my boot

Sunburn :(((((((((((

And we did not have enough sub player for women


I end up having conversations with some Killabee and Sate players during match

I love my opponents who does not mind to chat and make some joke during playing XD

Although we lost all matches

I’m still happy and bless

For the new friends I met (Pirates!!!)

For the experience I gained

Aaaaand meeting up with Killabee members

Cajaaaa, Fawwaaaz, Maidiiii, Aminnnn, and etc XD

Still can’t believe that they accept me as part of the team

Thank you guys :’)

My first time wearing pink shawl during tournament btw


It’s okay

Demi Pirates hehe!

Thank you for the chance guys, I really appreciate it ^^

Oh oh

And thanks for lending me your cap :*



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