Kem Pemantapan Insaniah Fatani 2017

12 – 14 May 2017

This camp was compulsory for us who registered under Citra Kebudayaan Seni Gayung Fatani

We stayed at Port Dickson for 3 days 2 nights

The preparation was quite…

Tiring LOL

After all we had fun 🙂

My fav sessions was learning Silat Melayu, how to tie our tengkolok & sampin

And fight intensely with seniors in the swimming pool

(water polo but used water balloon as our ball)

I made Yani (My fav Silat partner) cried huhu

When we were trying Silat Melayu

Her head banged so hard on the ground

I couldn’t control myself bc it was my reflect after she launched a kick huhu

She cried because of the shocked

Sorry awok!

Here are some of our pictures taken there




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