Yay or Nay

I started to play touch rugby again

After 5 years (Form 2)

I did contact a senior who plays rugby in my foundation year, but contact jela huhu..

Reason I play rugby again?

I had a conversation with my friend from my old school about touch rugby. Which made me miss rugby a lot huhu

I just bought a new boot for Frisbee.. I feel bad as I always borrow my friend’s. I was thinking how should I fully utilise my boot bc if I only depend on Frisbee tournaments, it’s not that often plus I have to control my expenses

UKM has quite a good established rugby team, so why not?

My first day trying to play rugby again was quite okay

Just having difficulties to tune my brain from Frisbee to rugby (marking opponent), and understanding the flow

After all thank you to my old teachers, Cikgu Nazri and Mr Radhi

Who introduced me to touch rugby

Had a very intensive training despite the bad weather, it was veryveryvery fun though

My favourite moment? Learn to dive under the rain! 😀

My position? Winger, kut HAHA

Spent my time with seniors (The only form 1 student, team up with kakakkakak form 3/4 hee~)

But hm, I had some issues with my new teammates which made me stop and focus on squash

I do regret for not being strong enough back then

Lesson learned ^^

I’m planning to try rugby tackle

But urm so far those who are close with me didn’t quite agree with that




Yay or nay? 😦



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