UM 1st Touch Rugby Open 2017

6th May 2017

Well, referring to my previous post (Click here!)

I start to play rugby again

I didn’t think much

Ask them whether they have training or not

And joined em

Trained on Wednesday (My first day), Thursday, and Friday

We decided to join UM touch open on Thursday

Last training on Friday

And tournament on the next day

I almost couldn’t join this tournament because on the same day Citra Squash students were organising squash tournament for UKM students/club members

Luckily the organiser agreed to change my division on Sunday (well there were only 4 participants for senior women, I asked them to finish beginners’ category first hehe)

My position, wing~ 👻

We ended up at 2nd place, lost to UM zombies (2-1)

Hard luck ey haha

Lacking of tournament experience made me hard to read the game play

The only thing I could focus on was defending the try line (Takde bolos yayy)

I didn’t manage to do any touchdown 😦

When coach asked me about it

Feel a bit frustrated huhu

Gotta train harder Tasha!

Alhamdulillah 2nd out of 4 ^^

Thanks UKM Bandits girls 😀



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