S.U.F.I 2.0 Ultimate Frisbee

30 – 1 March/April 2017

I played with INTEC students for S.U.F.I 2.0 (And another floater from MAS ehehe)

Met em for the first time in the morning, and played as a team until d end of the day 🙂

Well, we didn’t really use tactical or plan anything fancy for our game play haha

Just did our best

Although we lost all matches, I was really satisfied as we managed to maintain our performance XD

4 matches

Score? 8-8-8-2

The last match, we tried our best but we didn’t have time to recover (rest) from previous match

And it was the day I met him

I still remember their conversation

To call him, replacing one of our player who couldn’t come that day

I don’t know him

He came, wearing his cap, holding boots

He looked at me and I just stared at him for a while

Judging from what I heard before,

He is a rugby player

Physically he does look like a rugger

Looks fit enough compared to others in our team

When playing as a team with him

I don’t know how but it’s kinda easy to communicate with him..

I got the disc, looked at him who already in the end zone area

Threw disc to the open space in front of him

It was like, he already knew what my plan was

And he caught the disc

I’m amazed, until now haha

Despite his height (compared to opponent :p )

He jumped really high

Which saved few of the disc

Again, I’m amazed

He didn’t talk much during matches

Or… maybe he didn’t really wanna talk with me XD

Even when we were having a break

Most of the time he was on his hand phone

Thought he was texting his girlfriend 😝

And then he disappeared

Not sure where did he go.

I love looking at him esp when he was smiling

Bc he has a wide, sweet smile

I don’t remember when

We started to talk a bit

Maybe when I asked about ANSARA

Turned out that he was a MRSM student too

At night

We (my teammates) planned to have our dinner together at McD

Nabihah and I arrived quite early haha

Well… frankly I was hoping he came too

But, he did not show up after an hour (kut, can’t remember haha)

When we asked in our WhatsApp group

He said he was watching a football match at mamak 😂

I replied something like this, ‘Bola lagi penting dari member’

Aaaaand, he came XD

I’m not sure what made he came tho

Might be bc of other reason, idk

What matter the most

He was there

There are more stories to be told

But let’s keep it between us

Whoah, this is more like a confession rather than sharing about Frisbee 😂🤣

Writing down everything

Just to make sure

I won’t forget any single details

On the day

I fall for you




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