Fail!: Presentation XD

Can’t believe

We successfully prepared our presentation slide for Asas Keusahawanan & Inovasi subject using Assila’s handphone in less than 60 minutes πŸ˜‚

Our lecturer didn’t mention anything about presentation in our previous class

I heard from my friends (other faculty) they already started to make poster, powerpoint etc a week earlier

I thought it depends on the lecturer

Bc we didn’t get any information

However other groups in our set (class) started to prepare everything that night

As it was late already

We decided to tawakkal (Even there’s no usaha HAHAHA)

And pfft

It was compulsory to present before class ended *facepalm

Only Allah knows how anxious were we XD

We started doing our slide at 4.15pm and ended around 5.15pm

We didn’t know what should be included in our presentation

Only referred to the groups that had presented earlier

None of us bring laptop haha! XD

Aimi said, ‘Entah-entah kita terpilih untuk wakil set’

I replied, ‘Takdanya, last minute sangat ni huhu’

We survived the day yuhuuu!!

Thank god for the technology that exists in our era HAHAHA

And guess what???

We were selected to represent our set

Presenting our ideas (Pitching) on faculty level

Feel bad to those who had sleepless night to prepare everything hmm

Life is weird lol

We didn’t make it to next level (final), but I’m satisfied with our achievement, thank you to my group mates :*

[Our idea: create a detachable outsole for hiking. Which means, you can wear it on your sport shoes, no need to buy new hiking shoes, save cost, and most important, safety first! We got the idea from ice stabiliser hee~]


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