Fresh Start


New blog

As a fresh start

Liebling Luftschloss

Both, German words (Deutsch)

Liebling : Darling, my love

Luftschloss: building castle in the air, when you’re longing for something unrealistic, delusional. (more on: Luftschloss explanation)

Straight to the point.

I’ve been longing for a person,

That particular person for a long time,


It’s just me and my feeling

Confess? I did.

Because I don’t like hiding,

Or maybe being too brave

Is not what a girl supposed to do?

No, I don’t know.

I just hope that, this will be the end.

I really want to end it.

As it’s suffocating.

After all, thank you.

You were my muse.

Sounds a bit emotional, but idk why, writing stuff like this really cheer up my soul. LOL.


3 thoughts on “Fresh Start”

  1. I bet we were dealing with the same situation. It wasn’t only suffocated. It was tearing apart. It was unbearably. I know its hurt so much when you keep going and going until you crash and cry all night. Those painful night where you lay on your bed and you have your hand on your mouth so you don’t make a sound as tear stream down your face and you can feel your heart just breaking , and your other hand is grasping on your chest cause its hurt so much. You kept thinking of everything that sometime you were blaming yourself because of him. I bet most of the girl feels the same.

    The longing, the pain, the ache , will gone as long as you stop the bleeding yourself. I know you have heard this quotes somewhere.”Sometime holding on did more damage than letting go”. The blade of the knife that you hold, keep you bleeding. Pulling out the knife from your hand was an unbearably pain, but as soon as you let the knife go, the better the ache. It will hurt so bad to not holding him but its worth the pain.

    A stranger.


    1. Hey there 🙂 reading your words does break my heart a little… And i need to thank you for your lovely advice girl, it means a lot ❤ p/s: I wonder do guys going through the same thing if things like this happen to em? what a random thought aite ahah 😅 xoxo 😘


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